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This is Mary also known as Chester, Mary Mac, or
plain Mrs. McLennon (ha!). I'm 22 years old and I'm everything
but common. I'm well known for my swinging moods, so one moment I'm all
hyper and crazy and the other I'm all deep and philosophical. I'm from
Mexico so my mother language is obviously... Spanish. But as an
England obsessed, I self-taught English and I'm actually going to
be an English teacher. I'm in my second year of college, so life isn't
actually easy. I have a dog called Paul (yes, I'm cool as that)
it's a salt and pepper mini-Schnauzer, as soon as I get a female I'll
call her Linda. I'm unique in my own way, I don't follow trends
and they kind of annoy me. I can't bring myself to like someone that
doesn't have an own personality. I'm a dreamer and I believe in mankind.
I'm really hard to understand, but it's ok, I don't understand myself
most of the time either. I love who I am, so no... I don't want to be
like anybody else when I grow up. I laugh at stupid things. I've been
called a rebel more than once. I like cartoons like The Little
. I think I was born in the wrong time because I like
from the sixties/fifties more than nowadays. I
don't really like girly stuff like fashion or make up tips, I rather go
and watch my Superman's movies collection instead. It's kinda
hard for me to trust people, and I don't consider everyone a friend. I
have very few real friends but treasure them more than anything else. My
mom's my best friend. I wear glasses since I was 7, so trends can kiss
my arse. I'm blind as a bloody bat. And my favourite ice cream is
McFlurry with crunch. If you want to know more about me... just add me.

Linkin Park is the band of my life. I've been a fan for 7 years
now and thanks to them I've met the best friend I could ever ask for.
They've been there in the good, the bad and the worse in my life,
they've helped me through every single problem in my life and I'll never
find the words to describe how grateful I am or how much I love this
band. Their music is one of the best things that could have ever happen
to me. I've been called Chester since I was only 16, so I'm more
used to that name than my own. Chester Bennington is my idol and
I adore him. But not because he's hot like a bunch of teenagers that
have just found about him, but because he's a really good role model
(even if you can't believe it). Even if he went through too much shite
in his past, he found a way to always get up, and eventually, he made
his dream come true and he deserves everything he has. Everyone of them
is special in their own way, Chester, Mike, Brad, Rob, Joe and Phoenix.
They're the best.

The Beatles. Just like almost every person of my age, I've known
about them since I can remember, but I've been a fan for only 5 years. I
can only remember that I've loved John Lennon since I can
remember, and firstly, when I started to be a fan, he was still my
favourite. But after listening to them, reading about them and getting
to know their personalities and achievements. Now I can't choose a
favourite. John Lennon and Paul McCartney are my
favourites in a way, but I love the four of them equally. When I listen
to Ringo I get the same thrill than when I listen to Paul.
Or when I watch a George's video I feel the same thing than when
I'm watching a video of John. I'm more related to John, we
have lots of things in common, too many to be quite honest. But they're
all special, they all have something that makes me love them so much it
hurts. I'll always miss John and George. And I'll always
love the fab four from Liverpool.

I started liking Nirvana when I listened to You Know You're
for the first time, I think I was 16, but I started being an
"official" fan at 18 like with The Doors. Actually, my first
obsession was Nirvana, I bought a Nirvana CD way before I bought
a The Doors' or Beatles' one. I used to read a lot about
Kurt Cobain and listen to Bleach a lot. When I started being a
fan of The Doors I was obsessed with The End and used to sing it
all the time, a friend of mine used to borrow me their albums until I
bought them (all of them). The friend that got me into The Doors
died three years ago, so... I have a special feeling for The Doors
after it. It's like a connection with my friend. I love their music
(both, Nirvana and Doors') and I get crazy and happy every time I listen
to it, every time I drink I always end up listening to The Doors

I'm a serious movie-whore. I watch movies almost as often as I
listen to music. I'm starting a huuuge collection of movies that now I'm
left with no space to keep them in my room. I love actors like James
Dean, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve and
Brandon Routh. Even though James Dean and Ewan McGregor
can be called my favourite actors. Star Wars saga, Superman saga
(counting Superman Returns), Moulin Rouge, Alfie (Caine's version), and
East Of Eden are my top favourite movies, which I own them all and I've
watched them more than once. I also like many other actors, too many to
name them all. But with these you can get the idea that I'm a really
random person and that I have no pattern in music or movies. My way to
choose movies to rent is this one. I watch one and fall for the leading
actor, eg. Ewan McGregor, I watched Star Wars Episode I and fell for
him, so that led me to rent Moulin Rouge, and lots of his movies. Then I
watch another movie, eg. Alfie, so I fall for Jude and next time I rent
his movies, and so on. I only buy the ones I've watched more than once
(or that I plan to watch again and again).

These are some of the things I love. I love to read, every time I
can (even in the middle of a class) I read. I also love to write and do
it as often as I can. Music is my life, so I'm always with my iPod
(which is just like the one in the picture). My computer is like my
little world, where I can do anything I want. My guilty pleasure, I
smoke, my favourite brand of ciggies are Camels. Photograph is one of my
passions, now that I got a digital camera I'm always taking pictures. I
also have a huuge collection of movies. I love too many things. I have
collections of many things too, of my fandoms, books, DVD's, everything.
Like I've said, I'm a really random and different, so I like not many
common things. I rather stay at home reading than partying my youth away
(sorry!). I've been called a weird just because I don't like what most
kids my age likes. I'm different and proud of it. I also love graphic
and web-design, and I think I don't suck... so, it's ok.

These are the sites I spend my life working with and that I love like a
mother love their children. Here, also my LJ communities where you can
spend a little of your time.


Look who I got at
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I'm the White Album at
and this is what my friend
thisisalyssa said
about it: "You're The White Album. Why? Because you're so many
different things all wrapped up in one fab package. You're thoughtful,
and loud, and caring, and spontaneous- you're a mixture of everything,
and it's perfect".

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thank you so much love, that was sweet.


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